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KB - Serial to Ethernet: How to Extend RS232 over Ethernet using a pair (2 units) of Serial to Ethernet converter?

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Example of how to send (extend) RS-232 data from a Terminal to a Serial Printer (as below).

Terminal + ---> over Ethernet ---> + Serial Printer

So Terminal is Client, and Serial Printer is Server.

Here below are configuration we can set on both Serial to Ethernet converters:

Serial to Ethernet Configuration on Serial Printer side (TCP Server)
Self IP:
TCP Server, Port: 3000
Destination IP: leave it blank, Port: leave it blank
(Please see below figure TCP Server)

Serial to Ethernet Configuration on Terminal side (TCP Client)
Self IP:
TCP Client, Port: 3000
Destination IP:, Port: 3000
(Please see below figure TCP Client)

TCP Server
(Click image to see large image)

TCP Client
(Click image to see large image)