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PC to remote monitor over Ethernet Notes

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When sending a playing movie to the remote monitor, performance could decrease for below situations:

  • If your PC CPU level is not good enough because certain resource is needed when playing a movie.
  • If the movie resolution is higher (performance will be decreased in the order such as 640*480, 800*600,...)
  • If some of 100Mbps total bandwidth from local to remote is taken by else applications.
  • The more (up to 6) remote monitors to send to, the more the performance will decrease. For example, when sending to only one remote monitor, it can be 20~25fps, but when sending to 2 remote monitors, it could become 10~15fps on each remote monitor.

There are 3 operation modes as "Mirror", "Extend", & "Primary" as below:

  • "Mirror" mode:
    this mode will send exactly the same monitor content from your local monitor to remote monitor. Both local & remote monitors have the same content.
  • "Extend" mode:
    with this mode, you can drag applications such as a playing movie from your local monitor to remote monitor.
  • "Primary" mode:
    this mode switches the primary display from your local monitor to the remote monitor, your local monitor screen will become whole black, and operation will be displayed on remote monitor.

When sending up to 6 remote monitors (using 6 units of PC to monitor over Ethernet), only 1 remote monitor can be set as "Mirror", and only 1 remote monitor can be set as "Primary", and all 6 remote monitors can be set as "Extend".