Serial to Ethernet Programmable, 1*RS232, 1*RS422/485 - Model: PC-230


Model: PC-230

The web-based programmable controller is an IP-based solution that makes serial devices accessible over a network.  Any host computer that supports the TCP/IP protocol can access the serial ports.


CPU : 32-bits ARM-7 Winbonds CPU , 80 MHz


ROM : 4 MB Flash ROM ( 2 MB for User Programming )

OS : uC-Linux OS, Provide API, CGI for Customer Programming


Serial Port

Watch Dog Function

Power : DC 12V, 1A

Led Lamp : SYS (PWR) , LAN , LED 1 , LED 2 ( User Define )

Operating Temperature : 0ºC ~ 70ºC

Storage Temperature :  -10ºC ~ 80ºC

Dimensions : 100 * 90 * 25 mm ( W * D * H )

Weight : 140 gm

Regulatory Approvals : EMC, FCC Class A, CE Class A, RoHS Compliant

Warranty : 1 year



Binaries in /bin are built-in which can be used directly without the need of building them from source code.

Binary & Source Code

These source codes come from real products with production quality, not just amateur demonstrations. They can be used as to design templates for developing customized products, especially for users who have no or little uC-Linux experiences.

Application Specific

Users need to customize below:

Note: This programmable controller is loaded with default software function as Serial to Ethernet Converter which can be overwritten with user's own software.