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KM Switch + Data Transfer Link Cable - Model: UN-2211

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Model: UN-2211

With this cable, you can easily connect two computers with one USB cable, and switch the keyboard & mouse and copy files between these two computers.

  • Supports USB2.0 Data Transfer Link, easily copy file from Computer 1 to Computer 2 or from Computer 2 to Computer 1.
  • Easy to connect using USB port
  • Easy Driver installation
    The driver is embedded in this cable, and will be found in a automatically detected local drive when plugging this cable to your PC. Never worry if you forget the driver.
  • Easy switching between 2 computers.
    You can switch computer operation from one to the other with below self defined actions:
    • mouse cursor reaching the screen top, or bottom, or left, or right, or any of them.
    • define hot key
    • click on mouse wheel
  • Easy File Copy (Drag & Drop)
    To copy a file from PC#1 to PC#2, switch to PC#1 and drag the file to be copied, then switch to PC#2 and drop.
  • OS supported: Windows XP SP3 32/64bit, Vista SP2 32/64bit, Win7 SP1 32/64bit, Windows 2000, 2003 with newer SP, 2008 with newer SP.
  • Cable length: 120cm
  • Net weight: 40g

NOTE: when using PC#1's keyboard & mouse and switching to operate PC#2, PC#2's operation will be displayed in PC#2's own monitor, and PC#1's monitor screen will remain as no more keyboard & mouse signal input.