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RS-232 to RS-422/485, Interface Powered - Model: IC-485IP

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4-wire RS-485

Auto Data Flow Control for RS-485/422

Surge protection for RS-485/422



RS-232: DB9 Male

RS-422/485: 4-screw Terminal Block


ESD Protection: 15KV

Pin Configuration

#1 --------- DCD
#6 --------- DSR
#2 --------- RX
#7 --------- RTS
#3 --------- TX
#8 --------- CTS
#4 --------- DTR
#9 --------- RI
#5 ------- GND


Surge Protection: Yes

Signal Isolation: Photo couple 2KVrms

Power Isolation: 3KVdc

Topology: Switch Select

Terminator: Auto

Pin Configuration:

RS-485: Data+, Data-

RS-422: Rx+, Rx-, Tx+, Tx-

Cable Length: 1,200m [4,000'] (max.)

Data Rate: Up to 100Kbps Under 1,200m [4,000']

Baud Rate: Auto Detection

LED Red: Rx Transmission

LED Green: Tx Transmission

Power Range: DC 5V

Power Consumption: < 0.5W

Power Protection: Wrong Polarity Input Protection

Housing: Plastic case

Dimension: 55 x 40 x 25 mm (W x D x H)

Operating Temperature 0oC ~ 60oC, 5~95% RH

Storage Temperature 0oC ~ 70oC, 5~95% RH

Approvals: CE, FCC

Package contents:

RS232 to RS422/485 unit x 1

DB9 Female-Female extension cable (120cm) x 1

Quick installation guide x 1

Power adapter (Optional)