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PC to DVI/VGA over Ethernet - Model: PC2DVINET

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* Support Mirror/Extend/Primary
* Connect & control up to 6 units (for 6 monitors) from one PC

Send your PC display to a far away DVI/VGA TV/Monitor over Ethernet.

Computer to DVI/VGA TV/Monitor via Ethernet

Connection Diagram:

PC  ))) WiFi  ((( WiFi Router -- Ethernet --+

PC --- wired Ethernet --- +

PC --- RJ45 cable (directly) --- +

The DVI/VGA over Ethernet extends computer display across a standard Ethernet network to TV and any display devices with DVI/VGA input port, it allows to display a far-away computer screen in any display device(especial the big size TV), it provide real time stream video over a network on a far away display.
It makes you enjoy the big size TV to be a computer primary or extend monitor, no matter play computer video on TV or mirror computer display, it is best choice to swap your small size monitor to a far away big size TV.

- Connect up to 6 units for controlling up to 6 monitors from one PC.
- Easy to switch computer display from local to a far away place through the Ethernet (more than 300feet).
- DVI/VGA output, compatible with LCD TV and monitor.
- Delivers smooth high-resolution up to 1600 x 900
- Easily connect additional monitor with notebook/desktop computer via Ethernet.
- Compatible with all Notebook/Desktop computers.
- Mirror, Extend and Primary a computer display workspace.
- Support rotation (Normal/Left/Right/Upside-Down) function control.
- Supports left, right, up and down extend display.
- Works seamlessly with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems.

* Video:
- External display output supported DVI-I (Bundle DVI-VGA adapter for VGA out).
- Supports resolution up to 1600 x 900.
* Network :
- IEEE802.3: 10Base-T, 100Base-TX , Ethernet RJ-45.
* Power requirement :
- DC5V, 1000mA
* Dimensions :
- 97 x 66 x 25 (mm)

Minimum System Requirements :
- Windows XP X86 / Windows Vista X86/64 / Win7 X86/64
- Equipped Ethernet Notebook/Desktop computer
- Network cable
- Display device (e.g. TV or LCD monitor) with DVI/VGA cable
- CD-ROM drive (For software installation)

Package Contents :
- DVI over Ethernet device x 1
- DVI-I to VGA adapter x 1
- DC5V power adapter x 1
- Driver / Manual CD x 1
- Quick Installation Guide x 1

When sending a playing movie to the remote monitor, performance could decrease for below situations:

  • If your PC CPU level is not good enough because certain resource is needed when playing a movie.
  • If the movie resolution is higher (performance will be decreased in the order such as 640*480, 800*600,...)
  • If some of 100Mbps total bandwidth from local to remote is taken by else applications.
  • The more (up to 6) remote monitors to send to, the more the performance will decrease. For example, when sending to only one remote monitor, it can be 20~25fps, but when sending to 2 remote monitors, it could become 10~15fps on each remote monitor.