IE4000 – 4K High Definition Video Extender over IP

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This 4K High Definition video extender uses Gigabit compression technology to send a visually lossless 4K2K image and 8-chanel digital audio across a 1000BT LAN (HDMI over IP), also supports the following amazing and practical features:

Limitless A/V Distribution including one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many matrix switch.
Video Wall (up to 8 x 16)
Video Scaler (like 4K in/1080P out, 1080P in/4K out)
Video Rotation for 180/270 degree
KM over IP (for KVM application)
USB over IP (for all kinds of USB HID devices)
Audio over IP (automatically switch off the HDMI audio)
HDMI audio extraction to the line out on Client
RS232 over IP

Dimension : 123 x 103 x 25 mm (Host / Client)
Weight : 400g (Host / Client)
Ethernet Port : UTP/STP 1000Mbps (8K Jumbo Frame required)
Protocol : IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, IGMP
HDMI Port : 19 pin type A female (Support DVI-D with HDMI-to-DVI adapter cable)
RS232 Port : DB9 Male
DC Jack (Power) : ψ2.0/DC5V, 2A
Audio Jack (LINE IN/OUT) : 3.5mm

USB Port

Type-B USB2.0 (Host)
Type-A USB2.0 (Client)

Power LED (Blue)

Blinking : power on and the unit is booting up.
On : power on and the unit is active

Link LED (Yellow)

Blinking : (1) the unit is connecting with Host or Client. (2) the HDMI source is removed.
On : all the connections are working.

LAN Bandwidth : 850Mbps max. for each source
Max. Supported Timing : 2160p 30Hz @30fps
Max Distance : 120m (UTP) between 2 devices (Host/Client/Ethernet Switch)
Built-in Output Scaler (Client)

Downscale to 1/2
Upscale from horizontal pixels<=1920
Input frame rate>Output refresh rate may cause image tearing

Video Wall

Up to 8 x 16 displays
Image rotate (180/270 degree)
Accurate frame gap compensation
Tearing free in single host mode

USB Redirection

KM over IP : dedicated for KVM application, doesn’t support touch screen
USB over IP : support any kind of USB HID devices

HDMI Audio Redirection

5.1 Ch NLPCM
7.1 Ch NLPCM

HDMI Audio Extraction (Client) : 2 Ch LPCM (32KHz~96KHz)
Stereo Audio Redirection

Host : LINE IN (switch off HDMI audio)
Client : LINE OUT

RS232 Redirection : Transparent binary data transmission
HDMI 3D Support : HDMI 1.4b 3D: TnB, SbS, F.P.
Compression Technology : Patented visually lossless video compression algorithm
Certificate : CE/FCC
Compliance : HDMI 1.4b/HDCP 1.4/RoHS
Operating Temperature : 0~70°C
Storage Temperature : -10~80°C
Operating Humidity : 10~85% RH (no condensation)
Storage Humidity : 5~95% RH (no condensation)

One-to-one extension

Extend the HDMI source up to 100 meters over a single CAT6 cable.

One-to-many extension

Extend the HDMI source to hundreds of remote displays through the general Gigabit switches.

The Jumbo Frame of Gigabit switch must be enabled.

Many-to-many Fixed matrix network ( by Group ID dip switch setting )

You can build up a fixed matrix network by setting the Group ID of Transmitters and Receivers. It can support 16 groups maximum (16 different video source), the Transmitter will send the signals to all the Receivers with the same group ID.

The Jumbo Frame and IGMP of Gigabit switch must be enabled.

Many-to-many Switchable matrix network ( by software )

You can also build up a switchable matrix network with the Jumbo Frame/IGMP-enabled Gigabit switches and the matrix control software. You just need to set the Transmitter’s group ID and keep all the Receivers’ ID as “0000”. It can support 16 groups maximum (16 different video source).

IE4000H Host/Transmitter unit
IE4000C Client/Receiver unit

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File Description File size
zip iControlV.181125b5c10 2018-2019 iControl is to be installed on any but only one PC in the video network. On iControl installed PC, user can configure which hosts (video sources) to be viewed on which clients.
5 MB
zip KVM Client KVM Client is optionally to be installed on any host PC to add convenience on client. From client, when viewing the host PC with KVM client installed, user on client is able to switch to view different host. The KVM Client function is already available on the host PC if iControl is installed on this host PC.
2 MB
doc KVM Hot Keys Switch over LAN User's Manual for KVM hot keys switch over LAN. User on client can switch to view different host by hot keys.
66 KB
doc Users Manaul iControl and KVM Client User's Manual for iControl and KVM Client
2 MB
doc 4K HD Video Extender Datasheet 2019.1 4K Video Extender Datasheet
2 MB
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