USB Virtual HDD Key

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Fully USB 1.1 spec. compliant
Create it with your own private partition and security
True Plug and Play
No external power required

USB 1.1 specification compliant
No one can access or get data if use the USB Virtual Key
The data will not be disclosed even the computer was lost
Support FAT/ FAT16/ FAT32/ NTFS
True Plug and Play
No external power required

System Requirements
IBM PC 486DX4-100MHz or higher or compatible system
Available USB port
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

Package Contents
USB Virtual Key
Driver software on 8cm CD-ROM disk (Include User Manual)

Data Protection
Under Windows OS, virtual drive can be partitioned in any way as well as formatting (Windows 98/98SE, ME can support up to 2GB maximum, Windows 2000/XP can support up to 4GB maximum).
Secured data can be stored into partitioned virtual drive (the partitioned virtual drive will only been shown when Virtual Key is inserted)
Effective secure system (no files can be read without Virtual Key)
Through Virtual Key’s Software, the partitioned virtual drive will create its Image File, this Image File will be hidden automatically, it cannot be Deleted nor Modify (in case of hackers trying to its damage) with or without inserting Virtual Key.
Through Virtual Key’s Software, backup can be saved in virtual file, in case of frozen computer or being attacked, files can still be found (back up files cannot be read if without Virtual key because of its effective security)
When removing Virtual Key, the related files in the partitioned drive will not show on the Windows OS as well as MS-DOS, this increases the level of security

Through Virtual Key’s Software can effectively prevent others from using your computer.
When running Virtual Key Software’s PC-Lock option, the computer will check under BIOS and showing “Please insfor all hard derived on start up, if Virtual Key is not inserted, the screen will stop ert your Virtual Key” on the screen, when Virtual Key has been inserted, it will bring you to Windows screen in seconds.  (Right now, Virtual Key’s Software version can only support Intel, VIA motherboards, estimated to support SIS, Ali motherboards at 20003/06/30 with completed)


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