How to set up SE130WA Ad-hoc (point to point) without via access point

On SE130WA.
Manually set IP, for example, as
Subnet mask :
Network type : set as Ad-hoc
assign/type an SSID name to the SSID field, for example, as “ssid_test”.
when selected Ad-hoc, WEP-Key will be the key for access, so please set a key (password) in WEP-Key, for example, “ssid_test_pw”.
Choose fixed channel. Do not choose Auto channel.
Theoratically, if either SE130WA or your iPhone uses fixed channel shall be good enough to be stable.
Both sides set as fixed channel is the best.
Both SE130WA and your iPhone set as Auto channel are NOT recommended.
On your iPhone/iPad.

choose Ad-hoc too,
Manually assign IP as where xxx must be different from 106.
Subnet (the first 3 sets of IP address) must be the same as SE130WA.
Subnet mask:
if Gateway IP is required, please enter SE130WA IP as Gateway IP.
then your iPhone can scan SSID, and should find SSID as “ssid_test” in above example,
then WEP-Key, in above example, as “ssid_test_pw”, will be required for connecting to ssid_test.
Then your iPhone should be already connected (point to point) to SE130WA.

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