IC485IP series – RS232 to RS422/485

1 x RS232 (DB25), 1 x RS422/485

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The IC-485IP series interface converters allow full conversion between RS232 and RS485 hardware.  The IC-485IP series converters work without an external power supply.  All the units are very easy to implement.  Simply connect the appropriate interface cable and select the DCE/DTE type required with the function switches.

IC485IP1F IC485IP1M IC485IP2
RS232 Connector DB25 Female DB25 Male DB25 Female
RS485 Connector 4-screw Terminal 4-screw Terminal RJ45 Female
SIM/MON Switch SIMulation/MONitor selectable SIMulation/MONitor selectable SIMulation only
Weight 60g 57g 47g
Dimension 76 * 54 * 20 mm (L*W*H) 76 * 54 * 20 mm (L*W*H) 56 * 53 * 20 mm (L*W*H)

DCE/DTE Switch : DCE/DTE device setting selectable

RTS/CTS control : RTS/CTS control Full/Half duplex

LED Indicators : TD/RD/External DC power

Power Consumption : Interface powered, DC9V 300mA power acceptable

Power supply : DC12V, 500mA ( optional )

Baud Rate : Up to 128 Kbps

Housing : Plastic

RS232 Connector RS485 Connector SIM/MON Switch
IC485IP1F DB25 Female 4-screw Terminal SIMulation/MONitor selectable
IC485IP1M DB25 Male 4-screw Terminal SIMulation/MONitor selectable
IC485IP2 DB25 Female RJ45 Female SIMulation only

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